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Windows 7 Pro does not run domain logon scripts and map drives

I setup a new computer for a client, and Windows 7 would not map the drives in the logon script for the domain account. Ran into this issue, again. Our domain uses a VBScript as our login script, and it

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Netatalk Time Machine backups to Ubuntu Linux 10.04 Lucid AFP Network Share Configuration Guide

Well… not much of a guide really.  Just a very quick how-to on what I did to get Time Machine on my Macbook Pro with OSX Lion 10.7 to save the backup data to my Linux server network share using

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Web site timeouts with PFSense firewall and Qwest DSL modem

Qwest / Centurylink DSL Web site timeouts, hangups, or failures while running a firewall or router with static IP addresses. Recently I setup the Qwest DSL service in my home. It worked great, but after a couple days I started

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Nmap network discovery port scan

If you are like me, you don’t have time to run nmap scans and do other network maintenance. Running nmap is one of those really fun and useful tools that are easy to use, but since I rarely use it,

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broadcom STA wireless driver “systemerror: installarchives() failed” on Ubuntu Maverick Dell Mini

broadcom STA wireless driver “systemerror: installarchives() failed” on Ubuntu Maverick Dell Mini While attempting to Activate the proprietary Broadcom STA Wireless driver in Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick, I waited and then recieved the error, “systemerror: installarchives() failed”. I am using a Dell

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The specified server cannot perform the requested operation

I was not able to access a newly joined Windows 7 computer on our domain from our Windows 2000 Server.  I just received that error.  “Cannot perform the requested operation”  Sharing was setup ok, permissions and security set ok, firewall

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ZFS CIFS and ACL Inheritance

This is just another one of those things that didn’t make any sense and only partially does now. At least NOW I know there is more at play here than the simple solutions in Samba using create mask and create

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Join Windows 7 to Samba PDC on Ubuntu Jaunty

I found some info on Google searches to get Windows 7 to join a Samba domain controller.  I have Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty which runs Samba 3.3.2, which I guess does not work.  You need 3.3.4.   Windows 7 needs a registry change: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\LanmanWorkstation\Parameters]

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Ubuntu rndc.key dynamic DNS updates failing

there’s a thing in Ubuntu called Apparmor. Never even heard of this. This is what was keeping the files from being written to by the bind daemon.

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Help with Nettiverse naming, FaceBook.

Well I just have too much fun with things like this. I don’t know where it came from, but the Blogosphere was a great name people use. I suddenly thought of Nettiverse because I was trying to connect my blog

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Configure Windows Server 2003 and 2008 w32tm commands on domain controller

This drove me nuts!  Why Microsoft had to take something totally simple in Windows 2000 and make it a complicated thing is NOT beyond me!  This is MS we’re talking about!  Of course it’s not easy with newer versions. Took

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Terminal Server without VPN for remote access

I was wondering, though, why use a vpn to tunnel a terminal server connection? Isn’t terminal server encrypted already? Here’s a couple things that I *think* are important:

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