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Recovering Ubuntu 12.04 ZFS on Linux root pool mirror boot failure

ZFS Root Mirror Zpool

Recently I ran into a problem booting my root ZFS mirror. Couldn’t get it to load, and only saw blinking cursor or blank screens. Grub could see the FS though!  I suspect I had a corrupted or out-of-sync zpool.cache file.

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Exclude ZFS filesystems from zfs-auto-snapshot on Ubuntu and remove them


Just ran into this quick blurb… zfs set com.sun:auto-snapshot=false butank/DATA/backups So I have backups running to a secondary storage ZFS pool in my server and today I realized my disk space was consumed by ZFS snapshots.  I thought, there’s no

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Tuning FreeBSD loader.conf for ZFS to prevent kmem_map too small kernel panic

I finally did some reading, and found that setting my vfs.zfs.arc_max to about one-half my RAM, minus 512MB, and setting vm.kmem_size to 1.5x my RAM, it would stop giving me the kmem_map panic.

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Install FreeBSD on a ZFS pool that’s mirrored using GPT partitions

Here’s my notes for ZFS root installation with FreeBSD 8.1. (amd64 on my system) Boot up the FreeBSD install disk, you’ll need one with the Fixit system.  In the examples listed, I had 2 disks, ad4 and ad6.  Yours may

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Unable to login to CIFS ZFS share and windows prompting for password

I setup my share right, followed all the instructions, set the /etc/pam.conf entry.  Couldn’t get into my share, and my password wouldn’t work. I found that you can test your PAM mapping like so: smbutil login –c username But that

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ZFS CIFS Network Password Is Not Correct

Just a few quick notes on the ZFS CIFS sharing. Check the /etc/pam.conf has the smb line: other password required pam_smb_passwd.so.1 nowarn If not, add that to the end of the file.  If you, check /var/smb/smbpasswd you should also see

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OpenSolaris ZFS rpool mirror

Notes to self: Install your system to a PARTITION, NOT the whole drive.  I seem to remember reading somewhere that this was required. My system had 2 disks.  rpool was setup on disk 0.  (those are ZERO’s not O’s.) c8t0d0s0

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ZFS CIFS and ACL Inheritance

This is just another one of those things that didn’t make any sense and only partially does now. At least NOW I know there is more at play here than the simple solutions in Samba using create mask and create

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