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Create ISO image from CD or DVD disk in Linux

Just ran into this solution which works pretty good.  I first found that I could create an ISO image from my CD disc by using cat, like so: cat /dev/sr0 > /path/to/new.iso However, using the “right tool for the job”

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Help with Nettiverse naming, FaceBook.

Well I just have too much fun with things like this. I don’t know where it came from, but the Blogosphere was a great name people use. I suddenly thought of Nettiverse because I was trying to connect my blog

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well then, let’s see if this works from 1stbyte.com

IGNORE ME This is just a test post.  I am GETTING MY GEEK ON!  I now have my blogs at Geekdog.net as well as 1stbyte.com setup to notify Facebook that I posted.  Rawesome!

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