Welcome to Greg’s tech blog! (Gregthegeek)

I am a Network Administrator in Spokane, WA area. (specifically Nine Mile Falls, WA) My primary focus is to serve the computing needs of small businesses in our area. Most of my clients do not have an in-house computer guru or IT staff, but they typically have a network of 3 – 10 computers and 1 or 2 servers. I usually do not work on home or personal computers. I have found that to generally be more of a specialty service in computer repair, and as such, I’ve specialized in small business networking.

I provide services including basic PC repair, Virus cleanup and removal, network design and maintenance, and custom web application or database design. Whether you need consulting or full implementation of equipment and software, it is my intention to be at your side and provide you with creative and workable solutions to all your computing dilemmas.

The primary technologies I service include Linux, Unix (specifically Debian/Ubuntu Linux and FreeBSD), all versions of Windows desktop systems and Windows Servers.

I can help you remotely! Click Here!

Given the current tools available now days, if you are having issues, but you are still able to get online, I may be able to help you remotely.  I bill a half hour minimum for remote services. (1 hour minimum onsite.)

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You can also call me directly at 509-720-7620.