The specified server cannot perform the requested operation 4

I was not able to access a newly joined Windows 7 computer on our domain from our Windows 2000 Server.  I just received that error.  “Cannot perform the requested operation”  Sharing was setup ok, permissions and security set ok, firewall was turned off.  I saw an Event ID 2017 on the Windows 7 system, too. Something about “unable to allocate from the system nonpaged pool”.

I found this online. Add the MaxNonpagedMemoryUsage value below in the client’s registry. (Windows 7 system)  Make a restore point first so you can undo if any problems arise.




Next, restart the “Server” service on the Windows 7 machine.  Then go back to Windows 2000 Server and try to connect to \\window7machine and see if it can access it now.

This worked great for me, hopefully it works for you too.  However, it may be wise to increase that value in small increments from the default, which I THINK is 0x100000.   I just maxed it out and on my client system to test, and it’s working fine.  Just thought I’d make note of it.  If you have further problems, or this doesn’t fix the issue, remove the value and reboot.  This should return it back to the default.