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Netatalk connection refused from IPV6 hosts

Error showed: dsi_getsess: Connection refused. Was actually a simple fix.  (FYI, I am running Netatalk 2.2.4 on FreeBSD/PCBSD 9.1) Open /etc/hosts.allow Add lines for afpd for your network/hosts. Change to match your environment, of course. afpd: [ fe80:ca2a:%nfe0 ] :

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Apple Pages with iCloud has folders in Mountain Lion

Just had to do a super quick note about this awesomeness!  iCloud for Pages in Mountain Lion has folders!  I thought to myself, “How do I organize these iCloud documents?”  Over time, I’ll collect or create lots and lots of

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Carbon Copy Cloner backup saves productivity and downtime during OSX Mountain Lion upgrade

Screen Shot 2012-07-28 at 2.33.48 PM

Carbon Copy Cloner backup saves productivity and downtime during OSX Mountain Lion upgrade because of a damaged disk error. I could’t wait, I had to install OSX Mountain Lion on my main, production MacBook Pro.  Yeah, shouldn’t have done that. 

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Bitcasa cache is huge and I removed it from my backup software

I am testing out the Beta of Bitcasa right now. Its pretty cool!  I haven’t done too much with it yet, so I don’t want to comment on any of its pros or cons just yet.  One thing, however, did

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Netatalk Time Machine backups to Ubuntu Linux 10.04 Lucid AFP Network Share Configuration Guide

Well… not much of a guide really.  Just a very quick how-to on what I did to get Time Machine on my Macbook Pro with OSX Lion 10.7 to save the backup data to my Linux server network share using

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Spideroak is not a good enough alternative to Dropbox (or Crashplan) for me

EDIT 5/19/2012 As per this item in SpiderOak Realease Notes (4.5.9939): Looks like they do include a LAN sync feature now!!  I left my original post below intact, but wanted to point out this update right away. I am going

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