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No Internet Access, Disable Microsoft Virtual miniport adapter

I don’t know how users have been managing to get into a bind with this, but twice in the last couple weeks I’ve been called by people with no internet access, yet they still have server file shares working.  Everything

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Thoughts on the GoDaddy DNS DDOS Attack, Outage, and DNS hosting options

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So with the big outage today, I did some quick looking around. Just wondered if there were any DNS registrars that have decent security practices. It’s tough to find. Not that the attack on GoDaddy was a security breach, it

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Web site timeouts with PFSense firewall and Qwest DSL modem

Qwest / Centurylink DSL Web site timeouts, hangups, or failures while running a firewall or router with static IP addresses. Recently I setup the Qwest DSL service in my home. It worked great, but after a couple days I started

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Unable to download Gmail from multiple POP3 clients using Outlook 2010

I ran into an issue with Outlook 2010 and Gmail POP3 access today. One of my clients had two computers he wanted his Gmail on, they both use POP3 to get the email. Problem he had was that only one

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My idea for an open alternative to Facebook

I am always getting ideas, and this might be a cool one. I want a new Facebook. I want to make my own version of it. Only, not centrally controlled, and not a direct single-place-to-go site to be social. Why?

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DNS settings hijacked and av.exe won’t go away. Internet turns Inertnet!

Had a fun time today cleaning off some trojans and rootkits.  On this one client system, while trying to go online, the Internet  turned into the Inertnet! (Hahahha! I love that one!)  As usual, I have lots of ideas why,

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Google Chrome slow and laggy

Well, if you’re like me, you probably love Google Chrome browser.  And although the latest version of Firefox (3.6) is much improved in speed, it launches fast and browses quick, I still like Chrome better now that I am used

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Rootkit from fes.sk/files

I had a client recently that had their browsers hijacked. Everything they typed in the browser ended up redirecting them to some test_s.php file at “www.fes.sk”.  (Don’t open that, or you might end up with a virus!  I just wanted

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Terminal Server without VPN for remote access

I was wondering, though, why use a vpn to tunnel a terminal server connection? Isn’t terminal server encrypted already? Here’s a couple things that I *think* are important:

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