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Windows Security Center Says Automatic Updates Are Turned Off

Today I ran into a problem while repairing a computer that had a partially cleaned up virus. I completed the cleanup that my client attempted, ran all my antivirus tools, and thought I had everything working. That is, until I

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DNS settings hijacked and av.exe won’t go away. Internet turns Inertnet!

Had a fun time today cleaning off some trojans and rootkits.  On this one client system, while trying to go online, the Internet  turned into the Inertnet! (Hahahha! I love that one!)  As usual, I have lots of ideas why,

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Couple useful Windows Explorer shortcuts

So I never took the time to look these up, but I just heard about them recently.  I always wanted to know how to create a new folder in Windows Explorer without having to use menu’s, by just using a

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Help and Support unable to open error about service not running

Go to C:\windows\pchealth\helpctr\binaries. helpsvc.exe /regserver /svchost netsvcs /rainstall Run that. Now we have Help and Support available again.

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ZFS CIFS and ACL Inheritance

This is just another one of those things that didn’t make any sense and only partially does now. At least NOW I know there is more at play here than the simple solutions in Samba using create mask and create

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How to insert CTL ALT DEL keys using Remote Desktop Connection client

When you run mstsc.exe, the Remote Desktop Connection client to connect to a virtual machine VRDP or other RDP connections, it’s not exactly clear how to enter the CTL+ALT+DEL keystroke to login. Do this: CTL+ALT+END :)

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Force logoff at a particular time

Man, I haven’t posted in ages! Well, here’s something I want to remember for later. Force a computer to logoff at a particular time, but still allow logons later. Using Active Directory, I think, will force a logon schedule and

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