Web Designs

Sorry, no web designs. :-(

Unfortunately, doing network services and web designing at the same time creates too much a conflict for me. I’ve decided, as of spring of 2008, to not provide any web site design services. So no web pages, no new company web sites. I will, however, provide web based, database design services, depending on my work load.

Runge Furniture

Happily Ever After

Meidling Concrete

Northwest Outdoor Promotions This design is only a temporary template until we add our new design. Still looks nice though.

Shredfast, Inc.

Jake Fischer – Paralies This is based on a simple, renewable template I designed.

Ghost Devils This is based on a simple, renewable template I designed for our Xbox Gaming club.

This was our first design used at 1stbyte.com. We since have changed our colors and design techniques.

This is another design used at 1stbyte.com, but we opted for a cleaner, brigher look we use now.

6/23/06 – Just wrapping up a new design for Marz Mountain Industries. marzmtn.com

TGI has a beautiful web site!!! After much hard work by the staff at TGI, we now have a new site. (10/30/06) Go there today and check out the Flash transitions on there opening banner. Very nice site. www.techgroupinc.com