Help with Nettiverse naming, FaceBook.

Well I just have too much fun with things like this. I don’t know where it came from, but the Blogosphere was a great name people use. I suddenly thought of Nettiverse because I was trying to connect my blog with Facebook and Twitter. I thought they were pieces of the virtual universe we take part in, the Nettiverse. Now, many people out there are moving away from the Blogosphere and into the Twitterverse. Or maybe it should be called the Twittersphere. Personally, I like Twitterverse.

What’s bugging me is this, Facebook’s name. I haven’t seen or thought up a cool name for it as it exists in the Nettiverse. Anyone out there with a cool idea?

I thought of BookHole! Hahaha! I like it, makes me laugh because that’s exactly what it is, a Black Hole in the Nettiverse. Once you get in, you can’t get out! It sucks you in and wastes away time! But there must be something more fun to call it? Tweet me if you have any ideas.

By the way, as people more and more move away from blogs and on to Twitter, I’ve seen a post or two from people suggesting that blogs are a thing of the past. Well, I disagree. I feel they are useful tool. I use my blog mostly as a tech log. Things I like to remember, things I once fixed. The world out there could care less about it, but that’s not the point. It’s for me. I refer back to it, and it’s easy to get online while I am at a client and can’t remember how I solved a problem. Also, the little tidbits I post are found by Google searchers. So, if I find a solution and it helps just one person out there. Right on! Tweets are too short for that. So I like my blog, and I’ll keep using it alongside my Tweets and BookHole. (there’s got to be a better name than that! ??? )