No Touchpad on Dell Inspirion on Centos 7

I was not able to get the touchpad working using any of the typical solutions. What I found was disabling i2c_hid fixed the issue, but doing the actual disabling didn’t work. Adding an option in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf did not work. The real trick for this system was to add a kernel […]

Error Apache PHP Suexec FastCGI session_start open O_RDWR Permission Denied

Note to self: Fix this Error in Apache PHP Suexec FastCGI session_start open O_RDWR Permission Denied Warning: session_start(): open(path-to-tmp-dir, O_RDWR) failed: Permission denied(13) The solution was simple, but in most of my PHP scripts it didn’t even show this error. The fix: Go to your /var/tmp directory. (or wherever you […]

Zend Framework 2 Global Database Adapter Object and Config Variables

I wrote this up on too as an answer to my own question. (links below) So basically , I want some config variables available app-wide in my Zend Framework 2 apps. I also want a database adapter object available and connection. Controllers don’t have preDispatch by default now.  I […]

Exclude ZFS filesystems from zfs-auto-snapshot on Ubuntu and remove them 2

Just ran into this quick blurb… zfs set com.sun:auto-snapshot=false butank/DATA/backups So I have backups running to a secondary storage ZFS pool in my server and today I realized my disk space was consumed by ZFS snapshots.  I thought, there’s no way even my backups are using that much data, even […]

Finally got my iPad Mini and I love it

My awesome wife brought home an iPad Mini for me last night. :) My super quick review….  pretty much like most other reviews… Kicks butt!!  The nerds out there who complain about the non-retina screen, I partially agree with. Regular people won’t care. The nerds complain about the older processor […]