Windows 7 Pro does not run domain logon scripts and map drives 2

I setup a new computer for a client, and Windows 7 would not map the drives in the logon script for the domain account.

Ran into this issue, again. Our domain uses a VBScript as our login script, and it appears to run. It runs correctly if started manually, just not at user login. It fails to reconnect the mapped network drives and they are not showing up in Windows Explorer. So, here’s a quick tip.

Add this to your registry:

Under this key:

Add this DWORD value:
EnableLinkedConnections = 1

Then reboot.  After I added this to Windows 7 Pro registry as the administrator, of course, and then login as my standard user account, all my mapped drives were there and available.

I didn’t bother looking into how or why that works, so I can’t give any background info.  I just needed it to work.

Good luck, hope that helps others!