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Unable to login to CIFS ZFS share and windows prompting for password

I setup my share right, followed all the instructions, set the /etc/pam.conf entry.  Couldn’t get into my share, and my password wouldn’t work. I found that you can test your PAM mapping like so: smbutil login –c username But that

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OpenSolaris VNC server configuration

This is one of several, little, quick notes about OSOL config. I have done several installs now, and each time I forget some of the little things.  That’s what a Blog is for though, right?  There are lots of sites

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ZFS CIFS Network Password Is Not Correct

Just a few quick notes on the ZFS CIFS sharing. Check the /etc/pam.conf has the smb line: other password required pam_smb_passwd.so.1 nowarn If not, add that to the end of the file.  If you, check /var/smb/smbpasswd you should also see

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OpenSolaris ZFS rpool mirror

Notes to self: Install your system to a PARTITION, NOT the whole drive.  I seem to remember reading somewhere that this was required. My system had 2 disks.  rpool was setup on disk 0.  (those are ZERO’s not O’s.) c8t0d0s0

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ZFS CIFS and ACL Inheritance

This is just another one of those things that didn’t make any sense and only partially does now. At least NOW I know there is more at play here than the simple solutions in Samba using create mask and create

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