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Freebsd CrashPlan backup folders outside /compat/linux solved

Well, at least I think I solved this…  there may be a better way, but on my system this worked. I am running PCBSD 9.1 still, just an FYI. Checkout the original CrashPlan installation post here: How to install Crashplan

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Bitcasa cache is huge and I removed it from my backup software

I am testing out the Beta of Bitcasa right now. Its pretty cool!  I haven’t done too much with it yet, so I don’t want to comment on any of its pros or cons just yet.  One thing, however, did

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An rc.d startup script for Crashplan running on FreeBSD

I have CrashPlan running on a couple FreeBSD servers now, and I thought I’d write up a quick startup rc script. Here’s what we’ll do. This assumes you’ve installed CrashPlan in the default directory, which requires the “/compat/linux/bin/bash” environment. 1.

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How to install Crashplan on FreeBSD

How to install Crashplan on FreeBSD!
Note, this install is on a FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE system.

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