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Freebsd CrashPlan backup folders outside /compat/linux solved

Well, at least I think I solved this…  there may be a better way, but on my system this worked. I am running PCBSD 9.1 still, just an FYI. Checkout the original CrashPlan installation post here: How to install Crashplan

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Netatalk connection refused from IPV6 hosts

Error showed: dsi_getsess: Connection refused. Was actually a simple fix.  (FYI, I am running Netatalk 2.2.4 on FreeBSD/PCBSD 9.1) Open /etc/hosts.allow Add lines for afpd for your network/hosts. Change to match your environment, of course. afpd: [ fe80:ca2a:%nfe0 ] :

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Error Apache PHP Suexec FastCGI session_start open O_RDWR Permission Denied

Note to self: Fix this Error in Apache PHP Suexec FastCGI session_start open O_RDWR Permission Denied Warning: session_start(): open(path-to-tmp-dir, O_RDWR) failed: Permission denied(13) The solution was simple, but in most of my PHP scripts it didn’t even show this error.

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An rc.d startup script for Crashplan running on FreeBSD

I have CrashPlan running on a couple FreeBSD servers now, and I thought I’d write up a quick startup rc script. Here’s what we’ll do. This assumes you’ve installed CrashPlan in the default directory, which requires the “/compat/linux/bin/bash” environment. 1.

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How to remove or detach dvd from VirtualBox machine using VBoxManage command line

This took a while to solve, its not exactly user-friendly.  I have a FreeBSD server running VirtualBox virtual machines in headless mode, and I need to do everything using VBoxManage command line. (CLI)  In one case I wanted to remove

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Tuning FreeBSD loader.conf for ZFS to prevent kmem_map too small kernel panic

I finally did some reading, and found that setting my vfs.zfs.arc_max to about one-half my RAM, minus 512MB, and setting vm.kmem_size to 1.5x my RAM, it would stop giving me the kmem_map panic.

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How to install Crashplan on FreeBSD

How to install Crashplan on FreeBSD!
Note, this install is on a FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE system.

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Install FreeBSD on a ZFS pool that’s mirrored using GPT partitions

Here’s my notes for ZFS root installation with FreeBSD 8.1. (amd64 on my system) Boot up the FreeBSD install disk, you’ll need one with the Fixit system.  In the examples listed, I had 2 disks, ad4 and ad6.  Yours may

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Gpart File Exists Error on FreeBSD

Tried to manually setup my disks in order to install root FreeBSD on a ZFS mirror, but following the how-to’s available, I couldn’t get pass the first command. gpart create -s gpt ad0 geom ‘ad0’: File exists   I tried

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After updating login.conf in FreeBSD

I only need to update this once in a while, but twice now I’ve forgotten what to run after an update to /etc/login.conf.  Run this: cap_mkdb /etc/login.conf

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