Netatalk connection refused from IPV6 hosts

Error showed: dsi_getsess: Connection refused.

Was actually a simple fix.  (FYI, I am running Netatalk 2.2.4 on FreeBSD/PCBSD 9.1)

Open /etc/hosts.allow

Add lines for afpd for your network/hosts. Change to match your environment, of course.

afpd: [ fe80:ca2a:%nfe0 ] : allow
afpd: .1stbyte.lan : allow
afpd: : allow


In the above, I added my local domain “.1stbyte.lan” and the first part of my IPV6 address that showed in my error log.  The %nfe0 is my network interface, so change to your interface along with your network settings.

The logs showed an error like below:

afpd[85301]: refused connect from fe80::ca2a:14ff:fe2c:5cf3%nfe0
afpd[85301]: dsi_getsess: Connection refused

afpd[85301]: dsi_disconnect: entering disconnected state
afpd[85301]: Disconnected session terminating