Bitcasa cache is huge and I removed it from my backup software 1

I am testing out the Beta of Bitcasa right now. Its pretty cool!  I haven’t done too much with it yet, so I don’t want to comment on any of its pros or cons just yet.  One thing, however, did catch my attention.  I use Crashplan as my main backup software.  This morning I noticed that it had about 14GB more to backup!  On my internet connection’s slow upload speed, that will take a few days to catch up.  So I had to investigate.  Why do I have so much more data than normal?

Hmm….  I did install the latest XCode. That didn’t help.  No need to backup those docs when I can just reinstall them…. check.

What’s this?  Steamapps/common folder is huge!  Oh wait, I already excluded that from backup. :)

Oh, wow!  This Cache folder is huge!  (I am on a Mac BTW)  I have a Library/Caches folder that’s huge!
Looking into this, I don’t think I need ANY of that stuff in a regular backup.  And Bitcasa, they’ve got about 11GB in just their Cache folder. It’s located here:


I just realized I had their Sample Videos in my Bitcasa folders.  I bet that’s why my cache grew so large.  Well, I don’t think I need any of that backed up all the time by Crashplan, so…  I just did this in my exclusions:

(set as a regular expression)

I bet that will make my important files backup more regularly now. :)

Bitcasa does have a preference setting for your Cache.  I went into mine and it was set to 26GB.  Given that I hardly have any data in Bitcasa right now, I’ll just set that to 5GB for now.  You can also clear your cache here if you feel that’s necessary.