Yearly Archives: 2010

Gpart File Exists Error on FreeBSD 1

Tried to manually setup my disks in order to install root FreeBSD on a ZFS mirror, but following the how-to’s available, I couldn’t get pass the first command. gpart create -s gpt ad0 geom ‘ad0’: File exists   I tried deleting the partitions/slices, even doing a “dd of=/dev/null” on my […]

DNS settings hijacked and av.exe won’t go away. Internet turns Inertnet!

Had a fun time today cleaning off some trojans and rootkits.  On this one client system, while trying to go online, the Internet  turned into the Inertnet! (Hahahha! I love that one!)  As usual, I have lots of ideas why, but no real evidence and clients saying “I don’t know […]

Microsoft Security Essentials MsMpEng.exe using high CPU Time 32

Microsoft Security Essentials MsMpEng.exe – Antimalware service executable using high CPU Time I have Windows 7 Ultimate x64, but I think this might be problem in any version. I keep having issues with Microsoft Security Essentials MsMpEng.exe using high CPU Time and hogging the cpu.  Basically, using a large amount of resources, like […]