Rootkit from

I had a client recently that had their browsers hijacked. Everything they typed in the browser ended up redirecting them to some test_s.php file at “”.  (Don’t open that, or you might end up with a virus!  I just wanted people to find this in case it might help clean this bug off!)

Not sure what this virus was, but it disable Microsoft Security Essentials and blocked even MalwareBytes and SuperAntispyware from detecting it.  I couldn’t find it and I was almost to the point of just reloading the computer because in this case it would have been faster to just copy the docs of and reload Windows XP.

I thought, let’s search that URL?  This was key, because it brought up some forum posts and someone mentioned HitMan PRO.

Never heard of this program, but thought since it had a 30 day trial I’d give it a quick shot.  I was very impressed, it scanned in litterally a few minutes. (like 2 or 3!)  It found a “Rootkit”, nothing more than that though, in a file called “ipsec.sys” in the system32/drivers directory.  Then it said, “Reboot to clean.” 

My client was very pleased to see it reboot, do another very quick scan, and he was able to browse the web again.

Hitman Pro was free for 30 days, but you had to activate it.  I believe it has a subscription price of just under $30/year for 3 PC’s. (as of 02/09/2010)  That’s not too bad I think.  Keep in mind though, this looks like a “remover” , not a real-time antivirus protection program.  You’ll still want Norton, NOD32, MSSE, whatever you like, for that.

Now, I have to ask… because all my clients are starting to ask… why do they need this when they already have MSSE, Norton, etc?  Why doesn’t the AV real-time protection actually protect them in the first place?  Well, I can’t answer that one.  But it drives me nuts, and it make it worthless to pay for a subscription to Norton or McAfee (or any other) when all they do is get subverted and taken down, even if it’s the clients fault.  Because of this I will only suggest a free product for now, at least until I start seeing the “for pay” products doing what they were paid to do.  And if I see a Rootkit or Trojan that I can’t easily clean off, I’ll recommend HitmanPro for now.  If that can quickly remove bugs for my clients every time I use it, I’ll tell them (my clients) to use it and even purchase it as a quick cleaning tool in addition to MSSE.