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How to remove or detach dvd from VirtualBox machine using VBoxManage command line

This took a while to solve, its not exactly user-friendly.  I have a FreeBSD server running VirtualBox virtual machines in headless mode, and I need to do everything using VBoxManage command line. (CLI)  In one case I wanted to remove

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Uninstalling VMWare tools when not running on a VMWare host

I’ve moved a few virtual machines off of both ESXi and VMWare Server recently. (was testing VMWare, which I do like.) I moved them into VirtualBox while I test OpenSolaris, which I am REALLY liking… but off topic. Anyway, once

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How to insert CTL ALT DEL keys using Remote Desktop Connection client

When you run mstsc.exe, the Remote Desktop Connection client to connect to a virtual machine VRDP or other RDP connections, it’s not exactly clear how to enter the CTL+ALT+DEL keystroke to login. Do this: CTL+ALT+END :)

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