OMA Service Unavailable

I found a ton of help on Google for this “Service Unavailable” issue on the OMA virtual directory for Exchange 2003. Unfortunately, this was not something readily available. Several sites will explain the proper config for all the virtual folders in IIS, which you should obviously follow, but they don’t […]

Shorten the download interval on the Exchange Server 2003 Pop3 Connector 4

The shortest interval to download user email with the Exchange Pop3 connector is 15 minutes. Too long for most people. To shorten that to 5 minutes, you have to update/add a registry value in this key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SmallBusinessServer\Network\POP3 Connector Add Dword: “ScheduleAccelerator”=dword:00000003   It works by dividing the default schedule interval […]

Set duplex on linux network card

Statically/manually define/set duplex on linux network card Use mii-tool or ethtool ////////////////////////////// A Note About Duplex Settings By default, Linux NICs negotiate their speed and duplex settings with the switch. This is done by exchanging electronic signals called Fast Link Pulses (FLP). When the speed and duplex are forced to […]