Master Browser checking with browstat

All these years and I’ve never known how to determine what the “master browser” was on my networks. How many times do you see those event log errors about “such and such is not the master browser” or “unable to get a browse list”. Not that I know how to fix all that, but at least I can find out WHAT THE MASTER IS in the first place!

There’s a cool utility called: browstat

Run from command line. There is one stupid thing though, you need to determine your Netbios transport first. To do that, run: net config rdr

C:\>net config rdr

Computer name                        \\MYSERVER

Full Computer name         

User name                            administrator

Workstation active on

        NetbiosSmb (000000000000)

        NetBT_Tcpip_{0FCE584B-9B98-4D26-A241-1A070D06767A} (00188B3A1EE6)

        NetBT_Tcpip_{F55EF45C-33E5-4842-A4AC-8DFF82D07B76} (00188B3A1EE8)

Software version                     Windows 2000

Workstation domain                   YOURDOMAIN

Workstation Domain DNS Name

Logon domain                         YOURDOMAIN

COM Open Timeout (sec)               0

COM Send Count (byte)                16

COM Send Timeout (msec)              250

The command completed successfully.

So you can see… what a mess! You need this:


And to get your master browser run this:

browstat getmaster NetBT_Tcpip_{0FCE584B-9B98-4D26-A241-1A070D06767A} YOURDOMAIN

It should return something like: Master Browser: MYSERVER

You can also run: browstat status YOURDOMAIN
This will list all kinds of useful info, including your transports.  It shows your backup servers, as well as your master browser.