IPCop 1.4.15 with PPTPd would not run because of libpcap link

I fought with this one for a while, like several hours. I installed the pptp addon for IPCop, which, by the way, you must Google for. I installed version 0.2.9 (pptpd_0.2.9.tar.gz) and found that on a forum somewhere. If you go to the addon’s from IPCop, you will only find 0.2.6, and that wont work with 1.4.13 or higher. (I might have that version a bit off, but I think that’s right) So Google for that file and you should find the file and ftp server IP. I don’t want to provide that, because I don’t have permission to do so.

Anyway, back to the problem. The pptp addon installed just fine on IPCop, and the admin web gui showed the correct items. I could not, however, get Windows to connect. I always got a 619 error, like that is helpful! On the IPCop /var/log/messages, I found this:
pptpd[5740]: GRE: read(fd=5,buffer=804dc00,len=8196) from PTY failed: status = -1 error = Input/output error

You can see the details on the pptpclient help page:



I didn’t know how to do their troubleshooting, especially on IPCop. But then it occurred to me, find pppd, and ask it for help!

I ran this: /opt/pptp/sbin/pppd –help
Returned: /opt/pptp/sbin/pppd: error while loading shared libraries: libpcap.so.0.8.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


Run this on IPCop 1.4.15 while in the /usr/lib directory: ln -s libpcap.so.0.9.5 libpcap.so.0.8.3

BINGO! Windows can connect! From Vista no less!

Oh, and I know that PPTP is not the best as far as security goes, but it is the only thing I can use. I am running several Wifi Palm devices with a PPTP client on them for Hotsyncing on the Internet. I realize there is another product available that uses IPSec, but that is quite expensive per device. Plus that solution might run into a lot more hassle for the users while on the road trying to connect over hotspots, because IPSec may be blocked. PPTP is just more compatible. I’d really prefer to have an SSL based VPN on the Palm, but I don’t know of one available. So, for now, I’ll at least suffer with PPTP instead of opening my hotsync up to the world. Not perfect, but I can lock down the connection with IPcop too. (sounds like another blog… J )