Resetting NTFS permissions are not taking effect on child objects

Recently I went to reset a user’s home directory permissions on the server to allow them full control over each file/folder in their home directory. I setup all the normal accounts and of course the actual user account, with Full Control. I then went into Advanced and selected “Replace permission entries on all child objects” and hit apply.

This seemed to work fine, except the user complained that they could not access the documents in certain subfolders. When I checked those subfolders, the permissions were correct, except for her account had no permissions specified. Essentially this means, no perms, no access. So I tried again, same result.

The solution was simple, though, I can’t figure out why this was configured this way. At the root folder you wish to start inheritance, go into advanced under security on that folder. Go into Advanced again, and under Permissions, highlight the user in question, and click Edit. Under the detailed Permission Entry window, at the very bottom is a checkbox for:

“Apply these permissions to objects and/or containers within this container only.”

Uncheck that! And apply the permissions once more. All child objects should now have all the correct permissions! Yay!

I don’t understand why this is set this way. Is there a Group Policy in place I don’t know about? Did a previous IT guy change that? At least I have a solution. J