Unable to download Gmail from multiple POP3 clients using Outlook 2010 1

I ran into an issue with Outlook 2010 and Gmail POP3 access today. One of my clients had two computers he wanted his Gmail on, they both use POP3 to get the email. Problem he had was that only one computer would download the email, even with the setting to “leave messages on the server”. Normally, this would work fine, but for some reason, it isn’t with Gmail.

I Googled and found this site, SOLVED!

Awesome!! That’s all I had to say! And thanks!

The solution was simply to prepend “recent:” to your username in Outlook. So if your Gmail username was this: someuser@gmail.com
You would put this in the account/username box:

Nice trick! Worked like a charm!

A word of warning though. Once we set this on both computers, Outlook proceeded to re-download ALL the inbox messages again. A little annoying, but the client didn’t care since he could now receive email in two places!