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Zend Framework 2 alternative layout template changed in module.php level

I am sure people are finding the correct way to handle this, but I keep ending up at older ZF2 how-to sites on Google searches that have incorrect ways to solve this, when there is more current and better information

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Lighttpd url.rewrite rule for Zend Framework 2

I was having some major issues while attempting to run Zend Framework 2 on Lighttpd because my rewrite rules were not as easy to create as Apache.  Actually, I can’t say they are harder, just way different.  Here’s what seems

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Zend Framework 2 Global Database Adapter Object and Config Variables

I wrote this up on Stackoverflow.com too as an answer to my own question. (links below) So basically , I want some config variables available app-wide in my Zend Framework 2 apps. I also want a database adapter object available

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UITableView commitEditngStyle not working with edit button and subview delegate


I was having a tough time getting my UITableView to get into “Edit Mode” or editing style, as Apple calls it, when I touch the Edit button on my navigation bar.  I solved it, but here’s a little back story

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