Uninstalling VMWare tools when not running on a VMWare host 3

I’ve moved a few virtual machines off of both ESXi and VMWare Server recently. (was testing VMWare, which I do like.) I moved them into VirtualBox while I test OpenSolaris, which I am REALLY liking… but off topic. Anyway, once I got the vmdk hard drive files copied, I created a new machine config in VirtualBox and added the vmdk to VirtualBox. (which is very cool I must say, you can use vmdk’s or vhd’s in VirtualBox.) Once the OS booted, in both XP Pro and Win2008, the performance was terrible and had no network. I realized that the VMWare Tools were probably still installed. Should have removed them first, but whatever. When to control panel and tied to uninstall, but I got some error that “No VmWare products were detected”, great! That’s nice, you can’t even uninstall after they are moved off the VMWare host services.

I added the VMWare Tools ISO to that VM and opened a command prompt. Then I found the “setup.exe” or “setup64.exe” files on the cd. Run those in the cmd window with a /c switch. (example:  “setup64.exe /c” )  This will remove the Tools.  I installed the VirtualBox additions and then reboot.  On my Windows 2008 server it crashed on first reboot, then then I tried again and it loaded up just fine.  Network works and everything! Yay!

EDIT 7/23/09 :

I noticed on one Win2k system that the VMWare uninstall didn’t fully remove the networking drivers.  When I rebooted, the system tried to install the AMD PCNet adapter again, only it said it was “VMWare  …”   What I did to fix that…  I shutdown the Guest OS, went to settings and under Networking I selected the Intel adapter instead of the AMD.  This worked, but also required that I download the driver from Intel and install it manually on the Guest OS.  Everything worked fine though, and I had Gigabit networking!

I’d still like to know how to get rid of ALL the VMWare stuff though.  Probaby just need to find some INF’s for something in Windows.