Create ISO image from CD or DVD disk in Linux

Just ran into this solution which works pretty good.  I first found that I could create an ISO image from my CD disc by using cat, like so:

cat /dev/sr0 > /path/to/new.iso

However, using the “right tool for the job” we can use the “readom” command line tool. According to the man page, Readom is used to read or write Compact Discs.  In my case I had a really old Windows NT4 CD I wanted to play with in some VM’s, and of course, its so much faster and easier to work with ISO images, so I used that as my test.  (Why NT4?? Really for no good reason, just for fun. I know its pointless.) I am using Ubuntu 12.04 and I popped in the NT disc.  Ubuntu mounts it automatically so I had to issue a umount first.

sudo umount /dev/sr0

Then, make the ISO from my CD:

sudo readom dev=/dev/sr0 f=/home/greg/files/windows-nt4.iso

That was it!!