Finally got my iPad Mini and I love it

My awesome wife brought home an iPad Mini for me last night. :)

My super quick review….  pretty much like most other reviews…

Kicks butt!!  The nerds out there who complain about the non-retina screen, I partially agree with. Regular people won’t care. The nerds complain about the older processor (iPad2 cpu, etc), I agree its not quite as fast as iPad3. Again, only the geeks care.  iPad Mini is also way too expensive if you want LTE and extra memory. Most people will care about that one.  But if you get 16G wifi only, its not *too* bad, and personally, I love what I get in an i-ecosystem over Android or Windows. (one could argue that to death tho, so just leave it as a personal thing.)

But here’s what I think.  The size and comfort and ease of use is so great, it vastly outweighs the issues people complain about.  I find myself constantly reaching for the Mini over the large one already.  You won’t believe how small (yet not too small!) and how nice this feels to hold and use!

I do think I will still use the large one quite a bit, but depends what for.  For *work* stuff, like emailing, server remote ssh, or things I need to do more typing on, or things where a larger view is more helpful, I’ll definitely use the iPad3.  It is slightly faster, and that large screen is nice for some things. Like photo editing and stuff, will be nice here.  Typing on the iPad Mini is just fine for me, but its slightly smaller size isn’t quite as easy.  I found, once I got used to it, typing on the iPad 3 (or iPad Large) screen is pretty easy and quick, but the Mini’s size is just a little small for speed use. Not that I go fast at all, just easier to move a little quicker on the larger screen. For any reading, web research, or video watching, and a lot of gaming (but not all) I’ll prefer to use the mini.  Just depends, but I am finding, 9 out of 10 times I want to grab the iMini.  Its by no means slow and it is so perfect for casual or mobile use.  I can’t wait to take it out on the town for work visits.

Quick note about games on the iPad Mini. I played the new Wraithborne game, Autumn Dynasty (an RTS game), and Galaxy on Fire 2 HD.  They all play great on it, no slowdowns or issues.  The only real slowdown I ran into was in the iTunes store!  But that’s slow even on my iPad Large. :)

BTW, I got the 32G with Verizon version.