Tell Firefox to show popups normally and not in a new tab 14

For some reason or other, Firefox does not have the option under the Tabs option items to “force links that open in new windows to open in:”. I have Firefox now, and I don’t have that under Tabs options. But, if you open about:config in your address bar, you can change the setting manually.


Mine was set to 3, which told the popups to always open in a new tab. I like that, mostly. But some web sites, TinyMCE editor in this case, like to open a popup and return you back the the original page. I keep losing that original popup. So I wanted to turn off my popup forced to new tab option. To make this behave normally, I set it to 2. All worked just peachy!


  • brainchild

    Thanks a ton man – it was really irritative without that!

  • Hank

    Ah! Thank you so much for revealing this bizarre glitch. Much appreciated

  • Whoa, thanks! That’s an annoying problem. Glad you figured it out. I’m wondering if an extension I installed recently did it…

  • Thx a lot for such info u really helped me out :)

  • Marcus

    Thank you so much!

  • I think I love you slightly!

  • It’s great solution! Thanx, man!

  • Doug

    Thanks a bunch. Here is my beer!!!

  • hoppy

    In fact, the real solution is one line below: you have to edit the newwindow.restriction to 2

    The above tuning also opens all links in a new window, instead of tabs. Take a look here:

  • great

    First link in my google search =) …Awesome, thank you so much for posting this.

  • Thanks!
    Helpful post.

  • Baja

    Hi, I also had problems wit TinyMCE pop-ups.
    In FF 3.6.20 change to 4, should work.
    Thanks for the tip! 

    • Baja

      hoppy is right, it makes all external links open in new window . So I have not found a solution for TinyMCE popups

  • Djomla

    Omg thanks… I had this problem like a yaer! Couldn’t reslove it. I change this to 4, and it works!!!