User name variables on home directory with 4

Took me a while, again, to figure this out. Thankfully not as long this second time.

When you use to set properties on groups of objects in Active Directory, you can use variables. Home directories, in my case, is a big one. When I moved to a new server, I didn’t want to set the new home directory on each user, so I used ADModify. Now, when you set the variable, this is what got me. You can use the normal: %username% (for example: \\server\homes\%username%) You have to use the AD way. Set it like this: \\server\Homes\%’sAMAccountName’% Notice the syntax: %’variable’%

You can get ADmodify here:

It’s a lifesaver!

Edit: 10/24/07
NOTE… those are supposed to be apostrophe’s!  So you can’t copy and paste directly, you’ll need to replace those backticks with apostrophe’s. (wordpress seems to be replacing them on publish.)

Edit: 08/20/08

NOTE that Using OR WiseSoft’s Bulk Modify will NOT create the home directories for new users!  You must either manually create the directories, use AD Users and Computers to set the property (and therefore it will create the directory) which is the standard way of creating them, or script that somehow.   What this means is, you can use ADModify to chagne the HOme Folders property from 1 server to another, but if you are trying to create a bunch of new home folders, ADModify will not do this for you.  So, works great if you want to modify existing, like if you copy all the home directories to a new server and you need to update all the user accounts to reflect the new server name.