EnV Touch dial pad goes blank and importing contacts 3

I love my new Env Touch, since I can’t get an iPhone it’s just awesome, but there’s a couple little things I don’t like. Like the fact that the dial pad goes blank when entering my PIN in voice mail. I have the screen set to 30 seconds timeout, but it still instantly goes blank. Well, guess what I discovered? If you just hold the phone flat, the screen lights up again! LOL! That’s the trick, just hold it flat, and you can see the numbers to enter!

Also, it drove me nuts that I couldn’t get all my contacts imported somehow.  I finally took some time to do a little searching and found this awesome post:


I have all my contacts in Google Apps, but that was just a simple export to CSV, which I took and imported into Outlook 2007 easy enough.  I am using Windows 7 RC – 64bit.  I took the modem driver and the Outlook sync tool and set them both with Windows XP sp2 compatibility, then I ran them “As Administrator” as well.  The modem driver installed, can’t remember if it said success or not though.  Then the sync tool, that installed just fine.

I took my phone and set the USB to Modem mode, then plugged it in.  Windows 7 saw it, but the LG software to run updates didn’t see it.  I don’t care, because I just want my contacts.  So I opened Outlook, at the top toolbar was a new LG button.  Open that and do your sync.  I only ran the Contacts, so I don’t know if the Calendar will work yet, but all my contacts are now in my phone.  Now, I just need to setup a sync to Google Apps, and then a sync using this tool, and I’ll be dual syncing!

Download the Outlook sync tool here:


And the modem driver (URL is shortened):