Custom ringtone added to EnV Touch with SD Card 20

It’s possible to email an mp3 as a TXT message to yourself, but that’s not going to work for me. I suppose there are other’s out there like myself, that do not have any data on their plan. I do have text messages, but no data, so no pictures or audio can text to me phone. (because Verizon rips you off on the data pricing!) I just don’t really need that, but it would be handy.

Anyway, down to business. I figured out how to add a ringtone to my Env Touch (LG-VX11000) using the SD Card!

Make your ringtone MP3 file, then insert the SD card into your computer. Find the “my_sounds” folder. Copy ringtones into there. Next put the SD card back into your EnV Touch. Hit the center, blue icon (with the four white dots) to open the menu. Go to “Media Center” in the menu, and then “Music and Tones”. Next go to “My Sounds”, you should see the ring tones you’ve added in there. Click on one that you want, the “Options” menu should show, and select “Set As”. Then select “Ringtone”.

There you go! You now have your custom ringtone on your EnV Touch!

(This might work for the EnV 3 too! They have very similar menu’s and options.)