Resource Usage on Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 with Window 7 Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid and Jolicloud 2

I was asked about the resources used on the Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 using either Windows 7, Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid, or JoliCloud operating systems.  So… here’s what I found…

I didn’t do anything fancy, just boot each up and look at their system/task managers.  The Linux systems have Chromium/Google Chrome running, and Jolicloud has Apache and Mysql services running, but they both ran at about 200Mb – 250Mb and minimal CPU usage.  On the Linux systems, I immediately launched the system monitors upon boot and took a screenshot. On Windows, however, I didn’t even have a screenshot app, so I had to find one first.  This brought the usage down a little, down to around 650Mb (it boots with about 750Mb), but CPU was still up there and bouncing around a lot, just lower than during bootup.  Keep in mind also, on Windows, the Dell came with McAfee antivirus, which is running and using resources.  But NO WEB BROWSER is running on Windows in the screen shot.

What I found really annoying, was that once Internet Explorer was launched, so I could upload a screenshot, the memory went up and over 800Mb!  I only have 1Gb in this thing, so there’s really no room for apps to run.  I am sure an extra 1Gb of memory would help, but it wouldn’t make it any faster. The thing just runs slow regardless under Windows.  On the Linux side, they run slow too, just *not as slow* feeling as Windows does.  At least there’s room in 1Gb to run some apps.

It was odd though, because Windows sitting idle would run a low cpu percentage, like under 10%, and commonly with 2-5%.  Once you do anything, the cpu spikes up, and with IE running, it runs 100% for a while.  On Ubuntu, you can see it running consistently around 25%, which spikes just like Windows, only not 100%.  Jolicloud runs a little better, with about 10 – 15% resources at idle, with the occasional spikes too.  They all spike up when you do anything, but Windows spikes way up, and a lot of the time its at 100%.  Could be, that’s why it seems slower, and that may be caused by extra swapping to disk because Windows requires much more memory.  (I don’t really know, just a theory)  Just my opinion, concerning the general operational responsiveness, Ubuntu 10.04 seems to run a little better than either, but Jolicloud is very close and not really noticeable. I think its just the UI they’ve got that’s just a tiny bit slower than the Ubuntu GUI.  But its not a big deal.

Anyway, here’s the screenshot of Windows after about 5 minutes from boot.

Larger image here:

And below is the Jolicloud screenshot.

Larger Image here:

And last, below is Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Netbook Remix version.

Larger image of Ubuntu here: