Microsoft Kin TWOm initial reactions problems and no data plan 6

First, let me say the Kin TWOm is a pretty good messaging phone that’s really a dumbed-down smart phone. Also, since I got these for my wife and kids, I don’t want them to utilize any data services. Call Verizon and have them disable all data services on the phone. This will leave text messaging turned on still, same with the Wifi. They just won’t be able to use the 3G data, which I don’t want them to. (its too expensive)

Also, on the data plan issue. Some people online have suggested that you can enable the “Airplane mode” to disable the data. Yes, well, that’s not exactly a solution, because it DISABLES YOUR PHONE USE as well! That’s not going to work. So… do as I suggested, just call and disable the data services. That is, of course, unless you want to use the 3G data. (but why get this phone with the data and issues, when you could have an Android phone?)

I like the phone, but there’s a couple big things I don’t like.

1. It’s got a terrible speaker phone. I mean, really bad. Its very quiet and sounds terrible.

2. Ringer is quiet and sounds terrible. And none of us liked the ring tones available. (although, that part is easy to remedy)

3. NO CONTACTS RESTORE! Verizon Backup Assistant is not available on this device. I called Verizon, and sure enough, they don’t support contact backup or restore on these phones! My family had to manually re-enter all their contacts on the phone. Not a huge deal for them, but if I had to do it, I have hundreds of contacts, I can’t imagine having to deal with that.

4. It is a capacitive touch screen, which works reasonably. However, if you are used to the touch screen on an iPod or iPhone, there’s no comparison in my opinion. (in my daughter’s as well, who has an iPod Touch and complains a little that this screen isn’t *that* good.) It doesn’t respond well enough to my touches, and sometimes takes several tries. This is the case on all three of the phone I got, so it’s not just “a bad phone.”

5. There’s no apps, except shortcuts to web sites. That’s ok, we didn’t get the Kin TWOm to be a full blown smart phone. But again, my daughter thought it was stupid.

6. It feels cheap and light, but not like it would break.

7. The keyboard is spaced weird. The EnV Touch and EnV 3 are way better QWERTY keyboards. But its not so bad you can’t use it.

I know, lots of complaints. Of few really annoying ones, but overall, if you get the Kin TWOm as a Messaging phone with the data disabled, its not a bad phone and my family likes them overall. We’ve only had them for a few days, and I’ll update if I hear more complaints or praise.