Mysql 5 upgrade – compiled 1

I just upgraded my MySQL server from 5.0.7 to 5.0.10. I wanted to make a few notes about what I did to set it up.

1. I compiled MySQL 5.0.10-beta.

./configure --prefix=/var/mysql5010 

2. Did a make && make install
3. Stop mysql507 (on my server I created a script to stop and start mysql and mysql5, this way I can easily run both servers at the same time) stopmysql5
4. mkdir /var/mysql5010/var
5. cp -Rv /var/mysql507/var/* /var/mysql5010/var
6. Chmod -Rv mysql.mysql /var/mysql5010
7. Updated the startmysql5 script to point to the new path (var/mysql5010), same with stopmysql5 script.
8. startmysql5

And I was running!  Now, this might not work on future versions, particularly since MySQL 5.x is in beta right now.

I did not recompile MySQLdb yet, as it is working fine for me, however it might be wise.  In fact, I really should do that because the libraries are pointing to the /var/mysql507 directory.

Edit: 10/25/05

The config options here are for a smaller/slower server.  Use this for normal servers with decent amount of RAM:

./configure --prefix=/var/mysql 

This also enables the Thread Safe client, which will work better with mysql-python modules.