Spam solutions wont work

I just listened to a podcast that talked about spam protection solutions and standards. As I listened I couldn’t help but think about the fact that standards dont work unless EVERBODY adhere’s to them.

As I run a business, I want to receive emails from my customers without issue. If I install some mail verification software, and my customer fails the verification because they do not run the software, my message will not be received. So… what good is the verification? None!

This is a super simplified example, but businesses will not subscribe to a technology that disallows customer contact. Believe me, I KNOW! I tried to implement something like relay blacklists to help combat spam, but it blocked client access once, and that was enough to lose $50,0o0 in sales. So as I said, unless every single mail server out there utilizes the exact same verification process, it will not be adopted, and in fact will be pointless.

I have to do some more research on this topic, so as you read this, note that it might be way off and there might be a valid solution out there. I am sure that the people working on this realize this problem, so hats off to those of you working in it for taking on this massive issue.