Set duplex on linux network card

Statically/manually define/set duplex on linux network card Use mii-tool or ethtool ////////////////////////////// A Note About Duplex Settings By default, Linux NICs negotiate their speed and duplex settings with the switch. This is done by exchanging electronic signals called Fast Link Pulses (FLP). When the speed and duplex are forced to […]

Remote ssh rsync linux backups with certificates and no passwords

Uber quick howto:  (based on Debian) 1. Make sure ssh, rsync and sudo are installed and working. 2. Add a user account,  on remote system. 2.a Add a certificate with openssl or ssh-keygen (look that up elsewhere) 2.b Make sure the cert is unencrypted with no password. Yes,  that is […]

Debian apt error mmap ran out of room 1

I spent quite a while searching for solutions to this issue: Reading Package Lists… Error! E: Dynamic MMap ran out of room I found several posts and sites that mention updating the cache limit, but that did not work. Here’s what I found though. First, create the file if it […]

Setup virtual users and domains on Courier (Debian package)

Courier Virtual Email Hosting – No SQL Servers Using USERDB Add the domain(s) Add your domain name to esmtpacceptmailfor.dir/default Add your domain name to hosteddomains/default Then create the courier system files, run: makeacceptmailfor makehosteddomains Add the users You run 2 commands to add a user. (same user/pw for smtp also) […]

Compile Apache 2 with PHP 4 and MySQL 5 (while MySQL 4 is also installed) 1

Download and unpack Apache and PHP. MySQL 5 is install already. (as per another blog: Make sure you have the proper dev packages. In my case I had to install ‘libflex’ and ‘libgdbm-dev’ using apt-get install to install PHP. (I have Debian Unstable) ./configure –prefix=/var/httpd –enable-so –enable-proxy –enable-proxy-ftp –enable-proxy-http […]

Mysql 5 upgrade – compiled 1

I just upgraded my MySQL server from 5.0.7 to 5.0.10. I wanted to make a few notes about what I did to set it up. 1. I compiled MySQL 5.0.10-beta. ./configure –prefix=/var/mysql5010 –with-unix-socket-path=/tmp/mysql5.sock –with-mysqld-ldflags=-all-static –enable-assembler –with-low-memory –with-named-curses-libs=/lib/ –with-mysqld-user=mysql 2. Did a make && make install 3. Stop mysql507 (on my […]

Compile PHP 5.1 with JPEG support on Debian

Ok, here’s my configure command: ./configure –with-apxs2=/path/to/httpd/bin/apxs –with-mysql=/path/to/mysql –with-mysql-sock=/tmp/mysql.sock –prefix=/path/to/httpd/php –with-config-file-path=/path/to/httpd/php –enable-force-cgi-redirect –disable-cgi –with-zlib –with-gettext –with-gdbm –with-gd –with-png –with-png-dir=/usr/lib –with-jpeg –with-jpeg-dir=/usr/lib –with-pdo-mysql –with-mysqli I ran into errors trying to run the function imagecreatefromjpeg and imagesx and imagesy. And the system could not find the jpeg libs. On Debian Sarge, you […]

Configure and compile Python with Zlib 25

I just spent an hour trying to figure this out, AGAIN! To compile Zlib support into your Python interpreter, do this: 1. Install the Zlib-dev package for your distribution. (you probably have zlib already, but not the dev package) On Ubuntu it’s called ‘zlib1g-dev’, on others it might just be: […]