CentOS 7 Clone Server from mdadm lvm system

The below info is only super quick notes during a clone I ran recently, this is not a  complete HOW-TO!! My preference is to use LVM snapshot backups using fsarchiver. I typically have a layout like so: /dev/md0  -  /boot /dev/md1 - LVM PV LVM: /dev/vg1/root - root /dev/vg1/home /dev/vg1/tmp /dev/vg1/swap (I may split out /root … [Read more...]

Raspberry Pi as an Auto-connect SSH-Tunnel RDP Terminal (Works great with Virtual Machines!)

Lately I have been interested to see if the RPi is up to the task of being an RDP terminal, especially when accessing an offsite machine or vm that is accessed via an ssh tunnel.  I tried the Pi on my own internal network to access my various computers through the Remote Desktop Protocol, and have been pleasantly surprised.  Using FreeRDP and the … [Read more...]

VMDK convert and raw IMG mounting on Ubuntu 14.04 Linux

I haven't tested mounting just the vmdk image, wasn't sure if that would work, so I just ran the conversion first to raw img file.  I don't really need to regularly, but I wanted to convert an old vmdk virtual disk to a ZFS file system with NTFS on it for use in KVM. (the vmdk I could use, but it was too small anyway) First I convert: (cd to … [Read more...]

Windows 2003 Server 32bit guest on KVM host VirtIO drivers

This was a tough one to figure out, yet, simple to do once I did it right.  I am trying to setup a lab network to do some testing with recovery and migration with older Exchange and Windows servers before we do upgrades to 2012 R2 servers.  I am also needing to test KVM further, because I am seriously considering moving some of our servers to … [Read more...]

Freebsd CrashPlan backup folders outside /compat/linux solved

Well, at least I think I solved this...  there may be a better way, but on my system this worked. I am running PCBSD 9.1 still, just an FYI. Checkout the original CrashPlan installation post here: http://www.1stbyte.com/2011/01/26/how-to-install-crashplan-on-freebsd Ok, so here's the main problem: CrashPlan installed on /compat/linux … [Read more...]

Outlook cannot save attachment error

A user at one of my clients ran into this today. He couldn't open any images that were attached to Outlook. (Outlook 2003)  I first just cleared out any temp files in c:\Users\%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Temp folder and reset it to NOT be read only. Also reset all perms in that folder and subdirs. Then I went to Internet Explorer settings and Reset … [Read more...]

Google Apps Multiple Calendars on iOS Sync not working on Exchange Account setup

Ok, this took some time to figure out.  A good example where I don't use these features, so didn't know how to do it. The problem: Google Apps "Exchange" account on iPad doesn't work well with multiple calendars or shared calendars. (I wasn't aware of that)  Gmail account setup does work though, I guess. Why use Exchange then?  Because, then … [Read more...]

Zend Framework 2 alternative layout template changed in module.php level

I am sure people are finding the correct way to handle this, but I keep ending up at older ZF2 how-to sites on Google searches that have incorrect ways to solve this, when there is more current and better information available now to change a layout template at the module level. In my case, I just wanted to do some testing and swap the layout at … [Read more...]

No Internet Access, Disable Microsoft Virtual miniport adapter

I don't know how users have been managing to get into a bind with this, but twice in the last couple weeks I've been called by people with no internet access, yet they still have server file shares working.  Everything seems fine in their adapter settings for IP and browser seems fine, and no viruses.  I can even tunnel in SSH to their RDP port … [Read more...]

Lighttpd url.rewrite rule for Zend Framework 2

I was having some major issues while attempting to run Zend Framework 2 on Lighttpd because my rewrite rules were not as easy to create as Apache.  Actually, I can't say they are harder, just way different.  Here's what seems to be working now though:   url.rewrite-if-not-file = ( "/(.*)$" => "/index.php?$1", ) By the way, I had to … [Read more...]

ZFS Root Mirror Zpool

Recovering Ubuntu 12.04 ZFS on Linux root pool mirror boot failure

Recently I ran into a problem booting my root ZFS mirror. Couldn't get it to load, and only saw blinking cursor or blank screens. Grub could see the FS though!  I suspect I had a corrupted or out-of-sync zpool.cache file. Don't ask me how that can happen, because the whole reason I run ZFS is so things like this don't happen, yet on Linux the … [Read more...]

Netatalk connection refused from IPV6 hosts

Error showed: dsi_getsess: Connection refused. Was actually a simple fix.  (FYI, I am running Netatalk 2.2.4 on FreeBSD/PCBSD 9.1) Open /etc/hosts.allow Add lines for afpd for your network/hosts. Change to match your environment, of course. afpd: [ fe80:ca2a:%nfe0 ] : allow afpd: .1stbyte.lan : allow afpd: : … [Read more...]

Error Apache PHP Suexec FastCGI session_start open O_RDWR Permission Denied

Note to self: Fix this Error in Apache PHP Suexec FastCGI session_start open O_RDWR Permission Denied Warning: session_start(): open(path-to-tmp-dir, O_RDWR) failed: Permission denied(13) The solution was simple, but in most of my PHP scripts it didn't even show this error. The fix: Go to your /var/tmp directory. (or wherever you set your … [Read more...]

SimCity Ridiculous – SimCity 5 Fail and Fail and Fail

The new SimCity game was release a couple days ago. Nice. I guess. Like the rest of us, I can hardly get on the game due to overload and bugs. The game requires me to be online and play on their servers, and even worse, the one thing that really bothers me, my game saves are on one single server only, and only there, online, on that server.  Not … [Read more...]

Zend Framework 2 Global Database Adapter Object and Config Variables

I wrote this up on Stackoverflow.com too as an answer to my own question. (links below) So basically , I want some config variables available app-wide in my Zend Framework 2 apps. I also want a database adapter object available and connection. Controllers don't have preDispatch by default now.  I used to use Zend_Registry in ZF1 to store and … [Read more...]